“I Won’t Follow” by Secret Someones

Lelia Broussard started a band with her best friends called Secret Someones. The band is Bess Rogers, Hannah Winkler, Zach Jones and Ms. Broussard herself. This project was born out of the four members touring together as solo artists. They ended up having so much fun making music together, they just didn’t want it to end there. Thus – Secret Someones was born.

Currently, Broussard is taking a break from her solo career to give all of her energy to the band. If you live close by, check out the group live on tour this summer.

You may stream and download the debut EP, I Won’t Follow, on bandcamp.

[audio:I Won’t Follow.mp3|titles=I Won’t Follow|artists=Secret Someones]
“I Won’t Follow” by Secret Someones

SS Summer Tour

Image courtesy of Leila Broussard’s Fanbridge Campaign

“Tuesday Morning” by Tijuana Love

The house-fusion pioneers of Tijuana Love are proud to announce the world premiere of their video for the Latin funk single, “Tuesday Morning.”

Skilled in the art of fusing disco and electronica with Latin island funk. Their often campy style and unassuming lyrics make for a playful listen, softening the methodical sound of western EDM with the natural involvement of Spanish rhythms.” ~ What’s Hip¿

It is Tijuana Love’s insatiable desire to spread the language of music which has enabled their quick ascendancy through the Central American club circuit. Their retro ties to disco and involvement with DJ’s and House music make their sound all the more current. Furthermore, Tijuana Love has set their sights on bringing their music to an international audience in hopes for their message to be made clear — there are no borders in music.

[audio:Tuesday Morning.mp3|titles=Tuesday Morning|artists=Tijuana Love]
“Tuesday Morning” by Tijuana Love

Tijuana Love

Image and mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly