“Det Syng for Storegut” by Origami Arktika

One of Norway’s best kept secrets, Origami Arktika, moves along the axis of time by using old Norwegian folk songs and folklore combined with modern inspiration and technology. The music on the new album, Absolut Gehör, is dim and melancholic. Led by vocalist Rune Flaten, there are seven other accomplished musicians whom, in this case, make deceptively little music. But, the sum of all the smaller or larger elements result in a unique musical landscape.

Origami Arktika is part of the Origami Republika (a Norwegian artists collective). A previous album was recorded at Einstürzende Neubauten’s studio (German industrial band from West Berlin) and one of the members has a Norwegian Grammy from another project. Thus, they have a pretty impressive pedigree.

[audio:Det Syng for Storegut.mp3|titles=Det Syng for Storegut|artists=Origami Arktika]
“Det Syng for Storegut” by Origami Arktika

Album Art (resized)

Image and mp3 courtesy of Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records

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