“Yggdrasil” by Postcode

Postcode began life when Marie Reynolds asked Mikie Daugherty to write songs with her in early 2005. Two songs were written but lost, before they began work on what would become Zebracore in the autumn of that year. The second album Zebraland was released in September 2008, following The Post-Zebracore E.P which came out earlier that year.

Longtime friend Steve Halsall joined the band as bassist in 2011. Next, guitarist, smooth mover and ukulele ace Kieran Ball and drummer Mambo the Mystery Boy joined in 2013.

The group has just released their second record of 2014, an EP entitled Year Of The Zebra – Part One. Issued by Small Bear Records, it can be found on bandcamp.

This EP features the lighter, poppier and more upbeat side of Postcode and sees the band exploring new territory whilst utilising, and sometimes expanding upon, the instrumental blueprint laid down on last year’s EP. Ostensibly a more traditional record than some past Postcode releases, Year Of The Zebra – Part One sees the band experimenting as much as ever and utilising sounds and techniques they have not explored before.

The video for lead track “Yggdrasil” can be viewed on YouTube.

“Yggdrasil” by Postcode


Image courtesy of zebracore tumblr

mp3 courtesy of Mikie Daugherty of Small Bear Records

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