“Clearly and Consciously” by Thorn1

Almost 20 years ago, Thorn1 signed to Silber Records as the label’s first signee. According to folks at Silber, the music is top-notch and embraces all the things they love like drone-pop, ambient, and lo-fi.

Hailing from Barnaul in Siberia, Thorn1 is Evgeny Zheyda. Recorded on a handheld voice recorder, acoustic guitars are manipulated into epic walls and pencil taps on a desk become amazing drums. The music mixes lo-fi-pop, post-rock, shoe-gaze, and dub for his own take on drone-pop. His newest release, The Light of Random Star, showcases the creativity that can come out of isolation. The track “Clearly and Consciously” showcases a broken heart turning into a victorious anthem.

[audio:Clearly and Consciously.mp3|titles=Clearly and Consciously|artists=Thorn1]
“Clearly and Consciously” by Thorn1

Thorn1 The Light Of Random Star Album Art

mp3 courtesy of Brian John Mitchell of Silber Records

Image courtesy of Bandcamp

“Road Less Traveled” by Great Spirit

Great Spirit is a unique culmination of a wide-variety of musical influences, from The Flaming Lips to Tony Rice and beyond. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Great Spirit combines poetic lyricism with equal parts folk-rock, bluegrass and funk. Their debut album Front Porch to Frontier (out January 13, 2015) combines tasteful blends of musical ability with distinctive, original songwriting showcasing an honest portrait of the people that compose the band itself. Great Spirit is composed of Tom Conneely, Will Durkee and Peter Domenici.

Tom, Will, and Peter laid out a rough plan to record an album while attending a bluegrass festival. Days later the group emerged from the studio with Front Porch to Frontier and followed up the recording session with a run of shows up and down the California coast. What started as a short run of five shows in three days, snowballed into an ongoing tour through the West Coast.

[audio:Road Less Traveled.mp3|titles=Road Less Traveled|artists=Great Spirt]
Road Less Traveled” by Great Spirit

Front Porch to Frontier The Great Spirit Band

Image and mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly

“Foreign Lands” by First You Get The Sugar

Montreal-based First You Get The Sugar has released its third effort, a brand new EP called Foreign Lands. Visit Soundcloud and Bandcamp to download/stream for FREE.

A prominent thematic thread can be found in the way the five tracks unfold on the new record: alienation, confusion, and a struggle with the dark unknown. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. The ecstasy of making it through the darkness and returning to balance is reflected by the time the record clocks out.

[audio:Foreign Lands.mp3|titles=Foreign Lands|artists=First You Get The Sugar]
“Foreign Lands” by First You Get The Sugar

Foreign Lands EP Cover Art

Image and mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly