“Away From Here” by Ideomotor

Erkka Wennonen and Kimmo Myllyviita originally hail from Helsinki, Finland and have been close friends since their early teens. Mixing classic acoustic instruments with contemporary production techniques, the duo began to synthesize their interests, bridging brit-pop and 80’s synth-pop with 90’s era heavy metal and post punk.

The resulting sound was something they felt was tragic and triumphant, muscular yet dreamy. They decided on the moniker Ideomotor which describes a psychological phenomenon whereby a thought or mental image brings about a seemingly automatic muscular reaction.

Their new single “Away From Here” recently premiered on PureVolume who noted their “blend of post-punk meets synth pop recalls some of the greats in the genre.”

Have a listen to “Away From Here” via Soundcloud, or the player below.

“Away From Here” by Ideomotor


Image and mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly

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