“Life After Love” by Low vs Diamond

Sorry, no video on this one. Don’t worry I didn’t leave ya hangin.’ Click below and listen to “Life After Love.” I added a widget. A what? Like I said, I’m new at this. I think this is my new favorite band. I’ll get a video up ASAP, I promise.

For their set at SXSW they stuck ’em in a crummy, and very small, venue where their sound cut out. It’s okay guys, I still love you. I tried ordering a limited edition LP from hmv.com but it’s still on special order from the supplier. I don’t think it’s coming. I may just have to wait until the Album April first on itunes, don’t miss it!

Low vs. Diamond

Picture taken at Bowery Ballroom in NYC courtesy of SML’s photostream on Flickr

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