Scarlett Johansson on Rhapsody

Ever since I saw the movie Love Song for Bobby Long, on the plane on my way home from a semester in Italy, Scarlett Johansson has been one of my favorite actresses. The movie was a 2004 independent film also starring John Travolta as Bobby Long. Bobby is a retired English professor and alcoholic. Scarlett plays Purslane, a teenager who returns home to her mother’s house after she has died to find Bobby and his Protégé living there. So, they are forced to live together and hate each other at first then blah blah blah and by the end they love each other. There you have it. This site not only gives music suggestions but movie reviews as well.

Anyway, Scarlett Johansson has an album out now, released May 16, 2008. The album is titled Anywhere I Lay My Head and is comprised of one original, two David Bowie contributions (one entitled “Fannin Street” which refers to a street here in Houston that I drive passed everyday on my work commute), and ten songs written by Tom Waits. I posted “Falling Down” in May but I came across this Rhapsody interview that I would like to share now.

And since I’m traveling down memory lane back to when I was in love with the album by Grayson Capps, who contributed several songs to the soundtrack for Love Song for Bobby Long, I thought I’d post a live performance of the title track as well.