"Nixon" by Tiger Lou & "Winter Rose" by Firefox AK

I’m streaming Tiger Lou from IMEEM at work right now and thought I’d post another off their 2005 The Loyal. “Nixon” is the last single off this album.

While I’m at it I want to share this one that a friend of mine suggested a while back. It’s Kellerman’s wife, Andrea Kellerman. She goes by Firefox AK. This is the first single, “Winter Rose”, off her album If I Were A Melody. The song features her husband. Her last full length from 2006 was titled Madame! Madame!. She had a debut EP in 2005 and another in 2006, Love To Run. All have been released on Razzia Records, a label out of Stockholm, Sweden. If you love electronic/dance music you should give this track a serious listening to. You can hear some others too on her myspace page.