"Check Yes Juliet" by We The Kings

“Check Yes Juliet” is the 2008 single off the debut album, We The Kings. This first full-length, by the band hailing from Florida, was released back in October of 2007. These guys will be part of the Vans Warped Tour.

"Come to Jesus" by Mindy Smith

So, I have been watching DVDs of Smallville. Thanks to my friend Victor who own’s all the seasons and wanted me to borrow them so that I could become extreamly unproductive. Anyway, while watching last night I heard the song “Falling” by Mindy Smith off her 2004 album, One Moment More. It reminded me of the song I fell in love with when that album came out, “Come to Jesus.” So, in case you missed it, here’s that video.

“Paisley Pattern Ground” by The Black Hollies

“Paisley Pattern Ground” is from the 2008 album Casting Shadows. This is the band’s second album after the debut, Chrimson Reflections. The 60’s and 70’s classic rock influence on this band is clearly noticeable from this music video, the suits and hair, and down to the psychedelic text on Chrimson’s album art.

"To Die in LA" by West Indian Girl

West Indian Girl is a rock band from LA. They had a full-length in 2004 and an EP in 2006 comprised of remixes from thier first album. Both were on Astralwerks Records. Their latest is titled 4th and Wall and is on Milan Records. Here is a video for a song off 4th and Wall from 2007.