"Night Terror" by Laura Marling

If you know the indie band Noah and The Whale then you know 18 year old Laura Marling. She is a member of that band and since February has also had a solo debut album release entitled Alas I Cannot Swim. This song, “Night Terror” is off that album. It was previously released on her EP My Manic and I.


“Honey” by The Hush Sound


The concert last night was amazing. In case you missed yesterday’s post, I went to Warehouse Live and saw The Morning Light, Steel Train, The Cab, and the first time headliner The Hush Sound. I walked in to find Steel Train front-man, Jack Antonoff, at the merch table selling his own merchandise. I caught the end of “Honest” by The Morning Light. Great song. The Steel Train set included a nearly a capella bluesy number and closed with “I Feel Wierd.” I underestimated The Cab. They will be headlining in October back at Warehouse and I’m tempted to go back and see them again. The Hush Sound started their set with Greta Salpeter alone on stage singing and playing “Hurricane.” The rest joined her towards the end of the song. I didn’t hear “Medicine Man” which was a little disappointing.