"This Life" by La Rocca

Well, on an occassion such as this, I must make my second post in one day! I just came across a video by La Rocca. I have been waiting for something by them to surface since April of 2006 when I first heard “Non-believer.” La Rocca is an Irish rock band, formed in Dublin, Ireland in 2002. Band members include Nick Haworth, Alan Redmond, and brothers Bjorn and Simon Baillie. So, off the album that will be released on Dangerbird Records (the same label for Sea Wolf) on September 30, 2008 called Ok, Okay, I give you “This Life.”


Vampire Weekend

Ok, so I am a little behind on posting the available Vampire Weekend videos. So, I am going to post them all at once for ya. A few months ago I posted “A-Punk.” That was their second official video. “Mansard Roof” was the first.

Next was “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa.” I’ve watched this video several times so I was surprised when I realized I had not posted it yet.

Last but not least, the newest video, “Oxford Comma.”

Here is the same song performed by a group of students who sing a capella covers and call themselves The Carleton Singing Knights.

AND stay tuned for the video release of the new song, “White Sky.”