"The Shock of the Lightning" by Oasis

Just had to post this one cuz the album came out today. This is the first single from Oasis’ seventh studio album, Dig Out Your Soul. Is it just me or is this song similar to “Lyla” off the 2005 Don’t Believe The Truth?

“Right Hand On My Heart” by The Whigs

On Friday night I went to the Meridian to see the Kooks. After checking the website hours before the show I learned that the Kooks cancelled due to illness and that the opening band, The Whigs, were going to play for free as the Headliner. So, I went. I couldn’t turn down a free show even if I was disappointed that I waited months to see the Kooks. I think I bought the tickets back in July.

Anyway, The Whigs did a good job filling in. They’re nice guys too. They were workin’ their own merch table and I bought the album, Mission Control, from them. I had them sign it and they offered to hold it until the end of the show so I wouldn’t have to lug it around all night. Oh, by the way, they did a cover of Rolling Stones “Get Off My Cloud” towards the end of their set. Below is the song “Right Hand On My Heart” from the album which was released on January 22, 2008.