Tuesday Night at Warehouse Live

Well, if you’re interested in seeing a band who’s lead singer does not articulate one word, therefore, you cannot understand a single thing he says, I would suggest going to see a group called Dear and the Headlights. They did a ballad towards the end of their set which was disastrous considering the words to a ballad are most important. However, the music was good and if you visit their purevolume page you can understand what he (Ian Metzger) is saying. He just has to work on his live performance I guess. Is there anyone out there who went and agrees with me? There was really only about thirty people there I would say. Anyway, the album out now is called Drunk Like Bible Times and their full-length debut from 2007 is called Small Steps, Heavy Hooves.

And the real reason for attending Tuesday night was to hear Steel Train, a group I saw open for The Hush Sound a few months back. I had met the guys and bought their album Trampoline. They started with “Firecracker” and completely rocked it out. Expecially frontman Jack Antonoff who was giving an up on his tippy-toes, neck-vein popping performance. They did my favorite song “Dakota” which surprisingly had a weaker vocal but a nice guitar solo. They played a new song called “Soldier In The Army” that will be on the next record. It was good. Watch out for these guys, the new album will be out SOON. They’re still in the peachy rising to fame stage and are so excited that I suspect things to happen rapidly.

They did one off their first album called “Road Song.” I remember this one from the last time I saw them. This song is about making it onto a national tour. Evident in the lyrics, “…send your dad a note, you made it kid, you’re on the road.” This is also the one where the crowd joins in for “…my steel train is gonna ride on ’til the end!”

They only waited a second after the set and came back on for a two-song encore. The last song was “A Magazine” which has a little Beatles “A Day in the Life” rip off in it as it has a whirling build up, a substantial pause, and then a similar piano re-entrance. It’s a great song!

Have a listen to this little performance of “Road Song.” This is how they always perform it.

1. Firecracker
2. Kill Monsters in the Rain
3. Alone on the Sea
4. Dakota
5. Soldier in the Army
6. School is for Losers
7. Road Song
8. I Feel Wierd
9. Black Eye


1. Women I Belong To
2. A Magazine