“Meddle” by Little Boots

BEHOLD! An audio player. Thanks to some very helpful people in the support forum I have finally learned how to create a directory in my FTP client to store all of the mp3s from my itunes. This means that I can insert them like so and you can play my personal collection right here in my blog without being redirected. Coooool.

Victoria Hesketh, known as Little Boots, is an English electronic musician well versed in synthesizers and piano, among other instruments. “Meddle” is the second single off of her debut album Hands. “New In Town,” releasing May 25, 2009, will be the third. The entire album will unveil on June 6, 2009.

Little Boots


“Meddle” by Little Boots

Little Boots - Arecibo - EP - Meddle

“Come Monday Night” from God Help the Girl

Pitchfork’s video premiere for today is “Come Monday Night,” from God Help the Girl. God Help the Girl is a musical film to be shot in 2010, written by Belle & Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. He wrote this song which is sung by Catherine Ireton. The soundtrack will be released on June 23, 2009.