“King of Nothing” by Bob Pressner

Hailing from White Plains, NY, musician-at-heart, Bob Pressner, breathes raw emotion and honesty into his new album King of Nothing. Bob touches on subjects like love, spirituality and retrospection with relatable lyrics and a velvety tone.

Refining his skills since the age of 15, even studying with the famed 1950’s beat poet Allen Ginsberg, Pressner took a leap of faith to pursue a music career and soon had his first album Hard Driving Rain, followed by Riding the Wave, Summer in Illusion Land, Me and the Kid from Santa Cruz, and Honor Among Thieves. In addition, Pressner was a featured artist on the album A Musical Tribute to the Olympics, which was a commemorative compilation featured at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Delivering an exciting mix of head-bopping songs and tear-jerking ballads, Pressner displays charm and grace on his latest effort, King of Nothing.

[audio:King of Nothing.mp3|titles=King of Nothing|artists=Bob Pressner]
“King of Nothing” by Bob Pressner

mp3 courtesy of Amanda Blide of LaFamos PR & Branding

Bob Pressner

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