“3 Little Birds” by AURAH (Bob Marley cover)

Marc Dold and Judith Martin met as teenagers in the dusky basement rehearsal rooms of the local music scene in Switzerland, where they grew up. Martin went on to study jazz while Dold earned a degree in classical guitar from a Swiss conservatory. Soon after, they left Europe for Boston where they furthered their studies at Berklee College of Music. Dold and Martin then joined forces and AURAH was created. Along with four original albums, AURAH composed the original film score for “Loving Annabelle” and “Sunset Junction” as well as having tracks included in films such as “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Blood Diamond,” among other film and hit television shows.

Dold and Martin’s production skills and artful arrangements give Aurah a signature sound. The duo’s organic, electronic sound is interwoven between Dold’s ambient guitar textures and Martin’s sensual vocals and builds with a steady pulse that expands with each layer of harmonic exploration.

This sound resonates on their upcoming EP, Summon the Sky. The collection of tracks is their fifth studio release. The band’s latest single from the anticipated album is a cover of Bob Marley’s classic “3 Little Birds.”

View the music video for “3 Little Birds” here.

[audio:3 Little Birds.mp3|titles=3 Little Birds|artists=AURAH]
“3 Little Birds” by AURAH (Bob Marley cover)

mp3 courtesy of Shaunelle Watson of LaFamos, Marketing & Publicity Department.


Image courtesy of AURAH’s FB Photo Stream

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