“Closer” by La Mer

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter, La Mer, is premiering her newest single, the bubbly and sweet, “Closer.”

From her time in the bright lights of New York City’s Broadway to giving her voice to the Brooklyn and New Orleans band, The Mumbles, she’s toured the United States, parts of western Europe, and released several EP’s. After taking a break from performing and touring, La Mer returned to her native home in Los Angeles and immersed herself into the gritty beach culture of Venice.

As a songwriter she has developed knack for capturing what it feels like to want someone new, beckoning them into your life and giving in to that giddy, free-falling emotion of new love.

[audio:Closer.mp3|titles=Closer|artists=La Mer]
“Closer” by La Mer

mp3 courtesy of Sera Roadnight of M T Press via La Mer’s SoundCloud.

La Mer

Image courtesy of La Mer’s Facebook Photo Page

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