“Her Love Is Like Glass” by The GoAround

Pop/alt-rock group The GoAround revolves around two core members, Alexander and Anthony Saddic. The East coast band is still based in their hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania and has garnered a local fan base by playing shows with other well-known local acts.

Their debut album, entitled Restating The Question, was released on August 10, 2013. “[Our] songs lyrically serve to motivate people to analyze what they stand for … Everybody is essentially chasing the same things: Love, acceptance and happiness. That to me is the common thread that unifies all of mankind … and that is the point that we are trying to make.

[audio:Her Love Is Like Glass.mp3|titles=Her Love Is Like Glass|artists=The GoAround]
“Her Love Is Like Glass” by The GoAround

The GoAround

Image and mp3 courtesy of Amanda Blide at LaFamous | PR & Branding

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