“Born at 5:00” by Bombadil

Bombadil‘s new music video for “Born at 5:00” has premiered!

Head over to Rolling Stone to view it!

Bombadil have a knack for intertwining the silly with the emotional. Filmmaker Chris Bowen takes a similar approach on the band’s new video for ‘Born at 5:00,’ a stripped-down singalong from their recently released fourth album, Metrics of Affection.

Bowen was told by Michalak to pick a song to direct. ‘Born at 5:00′ just jumped out at me,’ he says. ‘The song was a narrative that ran the course of a life, from birth to death. The lyrics were brief snapshots of that life, and there was so much rich emotion throughout.’” ~ Rolling Stone Magazine

[audio:Born at 5-00.mp3|titles=Born at 5:00|artists=Bombadil]
“Born at 5:00” by Bombadil


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“Go Home (Live)” by Lucius

After three years of hard work, endless hours recording, writing, and even waiting, WILDEWOMAN by Lucius has been released.

Have a listen to Lucius’ Tiny Desk Concert by NPR here. A FREE download of the audio is available.

One minute, Lucius sounds like a ’60s girl group; the next might conjure images of Emmylou Harris. The charisma and charm of the women at Lucius’ center, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, helps transform good pop songwriting into an endearing performance.” ~ NPR

[audio:Go Home (Live).mp3|titles=Go Home (Live)|artists=Lucius]
“Go Home (Live)” by Lucius

Lucius Wildwoman

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“Cutting Ties (Acoustic)” by Emily Hearn

Singer/Songwriter, Emily Hearn, has released an EP titled Promises available now on iTunes.

I believe there’s something for each of you on this EP — There’s a song about falling in the real deal kind of love, a song about getting strung along, a song about fighting for your relationship when it gets hard, a song about getting married, and a song about what it looks like to be a friend to someone going through a hard time. These are moments and stories from my own life, but my hope is that they would grow into something deeply meaningful in your life.” ~ Emily Hearn

Have a listen to the the acoustic version of “Cutting Ties” below.

[audio:Cutting Ties (Acoustic).mp3|titles=Cutting Ties (Acoustic)|artists=Emily Hearn]
“Cutting Ties (Acoustic)” by Emily Hearn

Emily Hearn

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“Her Love Is Like Glass” by The GoAround

Pop/alt-rock group The GoAround revolves around two core members, Alexander and Anthony Saddic. The East coast band is still based in their hometown of West Chester, Pennsylvania and has garnered a local fan base by playing shows with other well-known local acts.

Their debut album, entitled Restating The Question, was released on August 10, 2013. “[Our] songs lyrically serve to motivate people to analyze what they stand for … Everybody is essentially chasing the same things: Love, acceptance and happiness. That to me is the common thread that unifies all of mankind … and that is the point that we are trying to make.

[audio:Her Love Is Like Glass.mp3|titles=Her Love Is Like Glass|artists=The GoAround]
“Her Love Is Like Glass” by The GoAround

The GoAround

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“Series Circuit” by Tranzducer

Reclusive Texas cattle rancher, Anthony Alongi (aka. Tranzducer), will release Play Onwards on December 10, 2013. This willful and headstrong man walked away from a status quo life at the Hit Factory in NYC to raise cattle on a farm on the outskirts of Texas. The pilgrimage afforded him the ability to set up a studio and make music for the immense pleasure of it. As for what he wishes to accomplish along the way, Alongi unblushingly explains, “Music is a sub-genre of imagination, so anything and everything is possible…

Alongi’s music takes leads from artists as diverse as Portishead and The Mars Volta. Have a listen to “Series Circuit” below.

[audio:Series Circuit.mp3|titles=Series Circuit|artists=Tranzducer]
“Series Circuit” by Tranzducer


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“Choices (ft. Joel Goguen)” by Aurganic

Toronto-based experimental electronic/alternative project, Aurganic, began with two long-time friends Mike Kossov and Leo Pisaq. They released a self-produced full-length album entitled Life as a Canvas in March of 2012. Riding the creative wave, Aurganic got back into the studio to record a full length follow up, Deviations, which was released on September 24, 2013.

The album material puts a strong emphasis on songwriting and vocal oriented ideas but does not lose the signature layered production and rich instrumentation.

[audio:Choices (ft. Joel Goguen).mp3|titles=Choices (ft. Joel Goguen)|artists=Aurganic]
“Choices (ft. Joel Goguen)” by Aurganic


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“Still Dancing” by ASTRAEA

Rousing dance/pop artist, ASTRAEA, has a new single called “Still Dancing” available for download on iTunes. An accompanying VEVO video is available here. In addition, the “Still Dancing” Remix Package Set is available digitally only on iTunes.

This is ASTRAEA’s first new studio recording in over a year and to make the release even more spectacular, she debuted it on her birthday. The anticipated single arrived after months of diligence, determination and studio perfection. “Still Dancing” is a smooth mid-tempo dance groove about a girl waiting for a boy so they can dance the night away together, but when he’s a no show, she perseveres and dances alone until the sun comes up because nothing frees you more than dancing.

ASTRAEA has a knack for all things art & culture and uses not only her voice for artistic release but also bares a long list of creative outlets that constantly inspire her song writing and self-expression. Dancing, blogging, decorating, painting, traveling and her flair for fashion are only a few of the passions that frame her unique style.

ASTRAEA’s first EP, Dirty Blonde, from 2010 is also a worth-while listen.

[audio:Still Dancing.mp3|titles=Still Dancing|artists=ASTRAEA]
“Still Dancing” by ASTRAEA


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