“Get Your Fill of Feelin Hungry” by Jay Brown

The new album, Beginner Mind, from singer-songwriter, Jay Brown, will be released on October 14. Brown says of the single, “Get Your Fill of Feeling Hungry,” “This song was inspired by thinking back on my years spent in Boone, NC. I lived simply and alone in little old cabins, happily, humbly, and hungrily getting from day to day.

For a man who has spent his whole life playing and recording music, Brown’s Beginner Mind, is poignantly centered in a state of openness. His sensual storytelling is imbued with the heart of American Roots music, delivered in a way that doesn’t feel old or dated.

In addition to playing with his one man band – which usually consists of himself, accompanied by guitar, harmonica, tap shoes and a tambourine – you can still find Brown playing with the band he formed back in 1999 with his best friends called Lazybirds. As he understood it, when Lazybirds formed, the members all shared something unique and hard to describe. They were all fascinated with old obscure music and with the life and times of those that made it.

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“Get Your Fill of Feelin Hungry” by Jay Brown

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“Poor Man” by Terese Taylor

The album, At Your Mercy Circuit, is singer-songwriter Terese Taylor‘s first collaboration with Klaus Flouride of the Dead Kennedy’s. The artists spent two years honing what Flouride calls Taylor’s “dark yet humorous sensibility.” Each track of this haunting album is filled with Taylor’s characteristic mix of poetic lyriciam, grinding guitar, and moments of quiet beauty. Taylor’s songs take us on a journey into some of life’s hardest, darkest places but always with humor and a sense of wonder at it all.

Taylor is backed by a group of incredibly talented and accomplished musicians including James Whiton (double bass), Will Hendricks (bass), Garrin Benfield (lead guitars), and Teddy Rankin-Parker & Kristina Dutton (violin/cello).

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“Poor Man” by Terese Taylor

Terese Taylor

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