“Poor Man” by Terese Taylor

The album, At Your Mercy Circuit, is singer-songwriter Terese Taylor‘s first collaboration with Klaus Flouride of the Dead Kennedy’s. The artists spent two years honing what Flouride calls Taylor’s “dark yet humorous sensibility.” Each track of this haunting album is filled with Taylor’s characteristic mix of poetic lyriciam, grinding guitar, and moments of quiet beauty. Taylor’s songs take us on a journey into some of life’s hardest, darkest places but always with humor and a sense of wonder at it all.

Taylor is backed by a group of incredibly talented and accomplished musicians including James Whiton (double bass), Will Hendricks (bass), Garrin Benfield (lead guitars), and Teddy Rankin-Parker & Kristina Dutton (violin/cello).

[audio:Poor Man.mp3|titles=Poor Man|artists=Terese Taylor]
“Poor Man” by Terese Taylor

Terese Taylor

mp3 courtesy of Sera Roadnight of M T Press

Image courtesy of puregrainaudio.com

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