“Veronica” by Postcards From Jeff

Melodic explorer, Postcards From Jeff recently released the single “Veronica.” Musically, Postcards From Jeff seamlessly blends together far flung folk, electronica, country, krautrock and pop owing as much of a debt to Weilheim band The Notwist as to Ohio’s The National or even as far as Canada by taking inspiration from Neil Young. Postcards From Jeff looks forward to releasing a debut album in spring 2015.

Veronica,” the free to download single, gives an indication of the themes explored in this highly anticipated debut.

The idea of projection is running through the album,” Postcards From Jeff explains. “We’re influenced by the bombardment of aspirational images that come at us from all angles, giving us distorted perceptions of other peoples lives via film, television and social media. Ideas form and we see what we supposedly need to do to get ahead. I guess we can all be guilty of presenting heightened versions of ourselves to some extent.”

[audio:Veronica.mp3|titles=Veronica|artists=Postcards From Jeff]
“Veronica” by Postcards From Jeff

Postcards From Jeff Veronica Album Art

Image and mp3 courtesy of Andrea Lynch of Blue Soap Music via Alien Boutique Records

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