“From A Zafira Comfort” by St. Christopher Medal

Scotpop four-piece Life With Nixon signed off for good in August of 1998 at Sleazy’s in Glasgow. A full seventeen years later, Ali and Kenny Mathieson, Billy Nisbet and David Mack, all four Nixons from that night at Sleazy’s, are about to release Sunny Day Machine the wonderful forthcoming debut album by St. Christopher Medal on Stereogram Recordings.

Along with newbie Andy Jeffries on piano, St. Christopher Medal make music that is full to the brim with seventeen years of life, love, kids, jobs and the whole history of rock ‘n roll. Ali Mathieson, who writes the songs and sings them, teaches in a high school in rural Perthshire. Kenny Mathieson, his brother and ace guitarist, spins vinyl at The Dead Rabbit in Upper Manhattan where he lives. Nisbet, Mack and Jeffries play bass, drums and piano in Perth, Teeside and Dorset respectively.

But Sunny Day Machine is a record that none of them could have made in their twenties. Its energy comes from long friendship. From deep love of music. They are about life — growing up, surviving over time, dreams, children — and they are sad and funny. The album is scheduled for release on August 10. Released on June 29, “From A Zafira Comfort” is the follow-up to the album’s first single, “Vatersay Love Song.”

“From A Zafira Comfort” by St. Christopher Medal

St. Christopher Medal

Image and mp3 courtesy of Innes Reekie of Stereogram Recordings