“She’s Gone” by The Train Set

Back in the mid- to late-eighties The Train Set emerged from the Crewe/Winsford indie music scene to make an impact on the Manchester and Liverpool gig circuit. The band released two 12″ singles which both broke the Indie Chart and performed at venues across the country. Clive Jones (vocals), Andy Boote (guitars) and Mark Shaw (Bass) met at school. They recruited Adam Halford (drums) from Winsford and Dave Hassall (keyboards) from Chester.

The new compilation album Never California was released on Firestation Records on September 7. It features The Train Set’s highly sought after singles including “She’s Gone” which was the title track of the band’s first record. This compiliation also contains previously unreleased tracks. The original members have come together to oversee the release of this retrospective album, providing a vital listening experience and an opportunity to discover their material again, or perhaps for the first time.

“She’s Gone” by The Train Set


Image and mp3 courtesy of Andrea Lynch of Blue Soap Music PR and Plugging

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