“Anime” and “What’s In My Cocoon” by Debris of Titan

Upstate New York psych rock prodigies Debris of Titan have been crafting and recording songs since they were in elementary school. Childhood friends Winston Dunlop and Michael Diaz met in the 5th grade and quickly bonded over their love for Joy Division and Animal Collective. But their mature musical tastes weren’t the only thing they had in common; both possessed a dizzying talent for playing multiple instruments.

Debris of Titan combine world sounds, blending acid jazz with dreamy pop melodies, hip hop groves and freaky folk progressions to create new psychedelic, progressive rock that is worth taking note of. Needless to say, they have developed a pretty far out musical language, drawing comparisons to Tame Impala, MGMT and King Crimson. Their EP, On The Home Slope, was released on October 23.

When these boys were 12 years old, they formed their first band Retro Lake and their first album was released in 2010 when they were 14. Their second album came out two years later at which point Dunlop and Diaz reevaluated the bands sound and switched their moniker to Debris of Titan.

Howl & Echoes included Debris of Titan’s debut single “Anime” in their Ten Best Songs of the Week, noting the track manages to “somehow feel both vintage and futuristic, it’s like if Animal Collective and Tame Impala took acid and had a sunny, funky, lo-fi baby.” Have a look at the list here.

The duo also premiered “Anime” via PopMatters. And, they premiered “What’s In My Cocoon” via Sunset in the Rearview.

Have a listen to more of Debris of Titan via SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

“Anime” by Debris of Titan

“What’s In My Cocoon” by Debris of Titan

Debris of Titan On The Home Slope Cover

Image and .mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly

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