Do You Know Where Magnolia Sons Played Last Night?

Despite all my efforts to find out where Magnolia Sons’ show was last night, I failed. Their MySpace page still reads ‘TBD.’ The guys are capable of playing shows as long as 3 hours if they choose to include acoustic cover sets (love it!) in addition to their original material. Needless to say, I’m still disappointed that I missed it.

The pop rock, alternative country band from Lake Charles, Louisiana currently consists of William Ferguson (vocals/guitar), Darrell Miller (bass), Austin Aguirre (drums), and Kevin Lambert (Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals). The four members released a new EP in August of 2008 called Jails Everywhere.

Under their former name, Tuesday’s Debut, they recorded two albums. In 2005, the full-length titled An Hour in the Air was released. In 2006, the band released an EP, Raise your Glass; We’re Armed and Jealous, comprised of songs written after Lake Charles was struck by Hurricane Rita.

Order Jails Everywhere now from CD Baby or on iTunes.

Magnolia Sons - Jails Everywhere - Whalden County