SHIROCK Sold In 502 Hollister Co. Stores

Chuck Shirock from my hometown of Novi, Michigan is well known in Music City Tennessee, but now he’s really hit it big…

Excerpt from official press release:

SHIROCK’s debut album, Everything Burns was made available in over 500 Hollister stores, giving the band the distinction of being the only indie band to ever grace the shelves at the upscale retail chain.

How a young band like SHIROCK found its way to the hallowed shelves of Hollister makes for an impressive story. Abercrombie & Fitch / Hollister music supervisor Ted Keyes found SHIROCK’s music on iTunes, and liked it enough to add the band’s song “Calm Inside the Storm” to Hollister’s in-store playlist rotation soon after. SHIROCK started getting messages from fans saying they heard the song while shopping, and the response was so good on Hollister’s end that they stepped up their relationship to distributing the Everything Burns CD through their stores. Keyes explains, “SHIROCK embodies the aspirational qualities we look for when we select an artist to form a partnership with our company. Their music not only resonates with our target audience but presents itself as a testament to the true spirit of independent music.”

Plus, a promotional video for their fight to reduce the spread of Malaria in Africa. Their song “Drag You Down” plays in the background.