“Beautiful Smile” by Loren Smith

After years of singing for film and television, background singing for numerous artists, performing at Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood and the Special Olympic Opening Ceremonies, singer and composer Loren Smith is stepping out on his own.

Backed by the producing team of Josh Stevens of LMFAO fame and K-Kov from Israel’s The Voice comes “Beautiful Smile”, an uptempo feel good track combining soul and pop music written by Smith. He has performed hundreds of concerts throughout United States, Canada and overseas, bringing his music to thousands of people worldwide. He has been lovingly referred to as The Luther Vandross of the next generation. Last week, in honor of National Suicide Prevention Week, Smith offered his fans a live version of his new single “Beautiful Smile” for Free download on Soundcloud.

You may view the video for “Beautiful Smile” via YouTube.

My goal is to always perform with Integrity, Excellence, Passion and Skill, and to teach everyone, as I’m learning, to love themselves and each other better.” ~ Loren Smith

“Beautiful Smile” by Loren Smith

Loren Smith

Image courtesy of Amanda Blide of LaFamos PR & Branding

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