“I’m Ready” by Patti Yang

As a teenager living in London, Patti Yang found herself smack dab in the early 90’s electronic music bloom. By the time Yang had developed her own musical voice, she was being courted by Sony and Warner Music in Poland. Yang’s impressive CV includes solo support for the Depeche Mode and over 10 major film score credits. Since the early 2000′s, Yang has delivered a steady stream of stunning EP’s and acclaimed remixes that have drawn comparisons to Zola Jesus and Icona Pop.

Yang was introduced as a solo artist in the UK in 2012 when she teamed up with Hurt’s breakthrough producer Joe Cross on two EPs, Wires and Sparks and Hold Your Horses. Shortly after releasing her last EP, she decamped to Joshua Tree, California for several months to write and begin tracking her full-length follow up, War On Love. The album was her first to be recorded partially in the US and the textured soundscapes hint at the psychedelic heritage of the Californian dessert.

Earlier this year she returned to London to flesh out the recordings with her trusted bandmates, combining her electronic sketches with live instrumentation to achieve a lush blend of ice-cool, boundary pushing pop. The release date for War On Love is undecided.

Her newest single, “I’m Ready”, just premiered on Sunset in the Rearview.

You may stream or download the track via SoundCloud. Plus, you may view the video for “Near to God” via YouTube.

“I’m Ready” by Patti Yang

Patti Yang

Publicity Photo by Patrick Duffy De Armas
mp3 courtesy of Jennifer Thorington & Samuel Markus of Working Brilliantly

“Dream” by My Brothers and I

Portland, Oregon-based northwest soul band, My Brothers and I, deliver an eclectic mix of pop on their debut album Don’t Dream Alone, released on September 18 via Expunged Records.

My Brothers and I bring a wide range of influences to their music, creating sounds that are melodic, soulful, and danceable. Their eleven-track collection is comprised of warm vocal harmonies, luscious grooves, and undeniable melodies.

The band is comprised of brothers David (lead vocals), Erik (bass and vocals) and Scott Wurgler (drums); plus childhood friends Jordan Roach (guitar) and Johnny Iliyn (keys and vocals). With this studio album, the quintet represents the idea of dreaming unselfishly. “People dream for themselves everyday,” comments lead singer David Wurgler, “but when you dream with or for other people amazing things can happen.”

Album highlights include the bright album opener “Dream,” the upbeat love song “Maddy Brown,” the late-night, dark soul of “Na Na Na,” the subtle funk of “Stay Here,” and the sparse and haunting album closer, “Scars.”

“Dream” by My Brothers and I

MB&I Cover Art

Image and mp3 courtesy of Alex Steininger of In Music We Trust PR

“Growing Younger” by Wilhelm Tell Me

Indie-pop trio, Wilhelm Tell Me released the single “Growing Younger” via Nordpolrecords on September 7. Bandmates hailing from Hamburg and Copenhagen include Henning Sommer (vocals, guitars, keys), Matthias Kranz (bass, backing vocals) and Paul Kaiser (Drums).

Last May in Los Angeles, Sommer met with Lars Stalfors, producer and key player for The Mars Volta. The two decided to work together to release this and four other songs on an EP titled A Short Story For the Road.

“Crashing Planes” is another track found on that EP. You may view its official video via YouTube. And, you may stream songs from WTM via SoundCloud.

“Growing Younger” by Wilhelm Tell Me

WTM Album Art

Image and mp3 courtesy of Andrea Lynch of Blue Soap Music PR and Plugging