“Big Key, Little Door” by Loquat

The video for “Big Key, Little Door” from Loquat’s second full-lengh album, Secrets of the Sea, launched Spetember 23rd on Talking House Records. Can you find all three references to the song’s Alice in Wonderland theme?

Loquat is an electronic/pop band based in San Francisco, California. The group is currently composed of Kylee Swenson (vocals/guitar), Earl Otsuka (guitar), Christopher Lautz (drums/backing vocals), Ryan Manley (keyboards), and Anthony Gordon (bass guitar). Pevious releases include four EP’s, one of which lent the song “Swingset Chain” to the CW television series One Tree Hill.

Loquat “Big Key, Little Door” from Kylee Swenson on Vimeo.

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