“Get Up and Dance” by The 71’s

After two EP’s, a debut full-length, and a “Best New Band” nod from Houston’s leading alternative radio station (‘The Buzz’ – 94.5FM), The 71’s have shown no sign of slowing down. Instead, they are in the midst of an exciting yearlong project— the release of three volumes titled Rock and Roll Reaction within one year. RNRRV1 emerged in October of 2010 and the CD release party for RNRRVII will take place at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas on Saturday, July 9th.

“Get Up and Dance” is the new single for RNRRVII. The video, story, and images are courtesy of Keeton Coffman, singer of The 71’s.

Official Music Video “Get Up And Dance” Is Here

the 71's - get up and dance 

Directed By Justin Kling | Edited by The 71’s own Keeton Coffman

Story Behind The Video – The Man In The Bear Suit

Justin Kling, who directed this fine little video has been my best friend for years… like 15 years.  Which is the only reason why, when he set me down to tell me the pitch for the Get Up And Dance Video, I didn’t get up and walk out.

Justin – “It’s The 71’s rocking out… for a bear.”

Me – “A What?”

J – “A bear.”

Me – “Talk me through this one.  I don’t get it.”

J – “The 71’s vs. a bear…that’s it.  Oh, and the bear is not impressed by your music.”

That was the pitch.  But, Justin’s amazing at videos so we went with it.  Rented a bear costume and went looking for a really tall guy to play the bear.

Enter Dr. Butch Martin…

Me – “Butch… can you be a bear in my music video.”

Dr. Butch – “Of course.”

Me – “Are you sure you don’t want to think about it…”

Dr. Martin is not only my guitar student, physician, and friend – he loves The 71’s music more than anyone.  It’s the only reason I can fathom that a grown man with his talent and intelligence would wear a bear suit for four hours in a hot, Houston allie way, while a rock band shoots a video around him, and strangers look on in confusion and disbelief.  Regardless, he is not only my hero, he is a star in the making… as you will see when you watch the video.

A very special thanks to Alec Tefertiller, Jack Potts & Crew, Dr. Butch Martin, and of course Justin Kling for helping us make this video.  We love you guys.

Enjoy everyone.  See you at the show!

– Keeton

Rock And Roll Reaction Vol. 2 – Get It Everywhere July 12th