Meekos & Me debut the album “Anxious Little Turtles”

Today the LA-based band, Meekos & Me, released their debut album Anxious Little Turtles. The band is fronted by lead vocalist and guitarist, Joey Colando, and classically trained cellist Danny Grab. “Animals In My Room” is their first single. I’ve also included the lovely “Entropy”—its acoustic portion rings of Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic.” Lastly, you’ll find the catchy, percussion-heavy “Grove Street.”

If you like what you hear, head to bandcamp and purchase a copy! The image is courtesy of the Meekos & Me myspace photo page. The mp3s are courtesy of Sera Roadnight at M T Press.

[audio:Animals In My Room.mp3, Entropy.mp3, Grove Street.mp3|titles=Animals In My Room, Entropy, Grove Street|artists=Meekos & Me, Meekos & Me, Meekos & Me]
“Animals In My Room” by Meekos & Me
“Entropy” by Meekos & Me
“Grove Street” by Meekos & Me