“Please Try” by Arthur Fowler

Raised on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, acid-folk jazz-rock singer-songwriter, Arthur (Art) Fowler, keeps mining his sound from his long time interests in Wes Montgomery, Jimi Hendrix, psychedelic icon Jerry Garcia, and Latino megastar Carlos Santana. His songwriting may evoke Neil Young, or James Taylor, but his vocal style also draws on classic sounds like Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday.

In college town cover bands and jazz jams, while studying literature and languages, Fowler collaborated with the likes of band leader Mark Schlaefer. He joined acclaimed vocalist Eva Denia’s first jazz ensemble as she was beginning her career in Valencia, Spain, and neighboring resort cities on the Mediterranean coast. In Valencia, Fowler also studied with one of Spain’s top jazz guitarists, Joan Soler.

Fowler is now playing jazz, blues, and pop in Tokyo (Shinjuku) in various settings including the acoustic folk and rock band AJA with one of Tokyo’s foremost Irish fiddlers, multi-instrumentalist Jim Ediger, and bassist Alan Gleason.

His album What’s Keeping Me Going was released on February 14, 2014. Have a listen to the original tracks via SoundCloud.

[audio:Please Try.mp3|titles=Please Try|artists=Arthur Fowler]
“Please Try” by Arthur Fowler

Art Fowler CD Cover

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“Sirens” by Hydrogen Child

Shreveport, Louisiana-based, shimmer-pop band, Hydrogen Child (formerly Super Water Sympathy), have released the song “Sirens” as their new single.

Influenced as much by the cypress and bayou surroundings of Caddo Parish as their love of the soundscapes of Sigur Ros and the 80s-influenced alt-pop of The Killers, Hydrogen Child blends electronic sheen with rock n’ roll drive. With “Sirens” as the beacon for their next stretch of long road, the band hopes their music will inspire others to keep moving and keep dreaming.

Members include Ansley Rimmer (Vocals), Clyde Hargrove (Guitar), Chris Rimmer (Bass), Jason Mills (Keyboards), and Hali Kha (Drums).

Have a listen to “Sirens” and “Close Your Eyes” via SoundCloud. Plus, watch the video for “Sirens” via YouTube.

[audio:Sirens.mp3|titles=Sirens|artists=Hydrogen Child]
“Sirens” by Hydrogen Child

Hydrogen Child Sirens Album Art

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“Brown Eyes” by The New Southern Electrikk

The New Southern Electrikk, recently signed to Louder Than War Records, have released a the single “Brown Eyes“, along with its video. Inspired by girl groups of the sixties, the song tells the tale of lost love from the perspective of the band’s songwriter and keys player Rikki Turner.

Drawing inspiration from psychedelia, krautrock and post-punk, The New Southern Electrikk craft dark, mesmerisingly beautiful melodies driven by grinding, sexy undertones. Monica Ward’s vocals can be as ethereal as they are deep and soulful. Zach Davies’ flowing guitar shimmers over Steven Tajti’s gritty, throbbing basslines with Rikki Turner’s keys and backing vocals providing a darker edge. Jim Correy’s drumming is brooding and purposeful.

[audio:Brown Eyes.mp3|titles=Brown Eyes|artists=The New Southern Electrikk]
“Brown Eyes” by The New Southern Electrikk

The New Southern Electrikk

Image and mp3 courtesy of Andrea Lynch of Blue Soap Music Professional Radio Plugging and Music PR

Cover art: “Frida With the Rainbow Tears” used with the kind permission of Femke Huurdeman