“The Rope” by Bitter’s Kiss

New Jersey-based indie-pop act Bitter’s Kiss is teen singer-songwriter Chloe Baker (vocals, guitar, piano), backed by the musical talents of her father, Michael Baker (guitar, piano, bass, drums).

Reflecting on the emotional aspects of suburban life and the deeper meaning within day-to-day experience, Baker shows us a little bit of our own fragile humanity with her self-titled debut (released on March 31, 2015). Together, Baker and her father arranged, recorded and produced Bitter’s Kiss over the past several months. It gives us a chance for self-reflection through the eyes of a young girl.

Baker currently attends High Tech High School, an arts academy in North Bergen, New Jersey. She has been serious about writing music for about a year. She uses songwriting as a diary and a means of exploring the world around her. For example, the track “The Rope” examines her feelings about the suicide of a distant cousin from a very religious background and the importance of staying true to one’s identity and finding one’s own path in life.

Stream the music video for The Rope via Vimeo.

[audio:The Rope.mp3|titles=The Rope|artists=Bitter’s Kiss]
“The Rope” by Bitter’s Kiss

Bitter's Kiss The Rope Video Screen Shot 1

Image and mp3 courtesy of Matt Bacon, Artist Liaison at Independent Music Promotions