“Lullaby” by Wes Swing

Fourteen tracks might seem like a lengthy record. However, with a number of short instrumental tracks cutting the album, it flows quickly and beautifully. Wes Swing is a classically trained cellist. Unlike Ra Ra Riot’s snappy indie-style incorporation of the instrument, Swing uses his cello to deliver an overall minimal result. His debut album, Through A Fogged Glass, is available on iTunes.

Image courtesy of Emilee Warner at Crash Avenue.

[audio:Lullaby.mp3|titles=Lullaby|artists=Wes Swing]
“Lullaby” by Wes Swing

“Longing to Belong” by Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) released his second solo album titled Ukulele Songs, a collection of original songs and covers performed on the ukulele, on May 31, 2011. The first single from the album is “Longing to Belong”.

Image courtesy of Death + Taxas.

[audio:Longing to Belong.mp3|titles=Longing to Belong|artists=Eddie Vedder]
“Longing to Belong” by Eddie Vedder

“Spitting Fire” by The Boxer Rebellion

The new Fox Searchlight film, The Art of Getting By, will be released this Friday, June 17, 2011. Unlike Rotten Tomatoes (Yikes!), I thought it was cute. Sure, it wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen before and maybe it did ring of Nick & Norah, but it made me smile and I enjoyed it.

Plus, the music was pretty great. Here’s one that made it onto the soundtrack—from The Boxer Rebellion’s 2009 release, Union.

[audio:Spitting Fire.mp3|titles=Spitting Fire|artists=The Boxer Rebellion]
“Spitting Fire” by The Boxer Rebellion

Image courtesy of We Are Movie Geeks.

“Keep On” by Tyler Hilton

The new EP, Ladies & Gentlemen from Tyler Hilton is available on iTunes. It has been 7 years since he released his last full-length album, which captured fans of the long-running TV series, One Tree Hill. After appearing for a full season on the show he then contributed to the Walk the Line Soundtrack singing Elvis Presley, one of his own idols. Also in his album release interim, he started a non-profit called T.H. Books for Kids. It was organized for the charitable purpose of providing books for children who may not otherwise have access to a wide variety of appropriate reading material. Hilton will also be back this year with his next full-length LP The Storms We Share.

[audio:Keep On.mp3|titles=Keep On|artists=Tyler Hilton]
“Keep On” by Tyler Hilton

Ladies and Gentlemen - EP - Tyler Hilton
Ladies & Gentlemen EP

“Enough” and “Fierce Tears” by Kenton Chen

Kenton Chen is the music director and founding member of The Backbeats, 3rd place winners on Season 2 of NBC’s The Sing-Off. Chen has a degree in Vocal Jazz from the University of Southern California. He has shared the stage with many artists, including Ben Folds, Sheryl Crow, Sara Bareilles, Stevie Wonder, and Natalie Cole. His influence lies in jazz, classical, and pop. As an avid singer-songwriter, he incorporates each style into his compositions.

All his new work is available on bandcamp. His debut album Something About Love is also available on iTunes.

[audio:Enough.mp3, FierceTears.mp3|titles=Enough, Fierce Tears|artists=Kenton Chen, Kenton Chen]
“Enough” by Kenton Chen
“Fierce Tears” by Kenton Chen

Image and mp3s courtesy of Sarah J. Evans at LaFamos PR & Branding. Photo credit to Jenn Harrington.

Something About Love - Kenton Chen
Something About Love by Kenton Chen

“Rock n Roll Queen” and “Amulet” by Bowery Beasts

LA-based indie rock band, Bowery Beasts will release their debut EP, Heavy You on July 5th, 2011 via Black Creem.

Led by enigmatic front man Marion Belle, the Beasts have captivated the Scene with their self-described brew of “Blue Jean Glam,” a mixture of psycho-tropic folk, 70’s metal strut, & California haze… A series of 7″ and 45″ releases, lauded by Sex Pistols guitarist and KROQ DJ Steve Jones, have led to gigs with Tame Impala, J Roddy Walston & The Business, Dungen, and most recently, a residency at the renowned Silverlake Lounge… “Heavy You” screams instant Summertime classic that may take you back to the heady days when giants like Freddy Mercury ruled the waves, when all we had was love, and all we had were songs.
~ provided by Sera Roadnight, M T Press

Image and mp3 also courtesy of Sera Roadnight.

[audio:Rock n Roll Queen.mp3, Amulet.mp3|titles=Rock n Roll Queen, Amulet|artists=Bowery Beasts, Bowery Beasts]
“Rock n Roll Queen” by Bowery Beasts
“Amulet” by Bowery Beasts

“Call Me Crazy” by Joshua Gray

Recently named a Clear Channel “Artist To Watch” on iHeartRadio.com, Joshua Gray has been promoting his self-titled debut EP. The EP is a collaboration with his younger brother Travis. It became available on iTunes in March. The first single, “Call Me Crazy” continues to gain internet buzz since its debut on YouTube. The video, directed by Joseph Minasi, depicts the singer serenading a girl in his daydream.

In addition to his musical ventures, Joshua Gray is a musical theater veteran who studied at the Boston Conservatory of Music. The singer/songwriter is also returning to his theatre roots, playing the male lead in Merrily We Roll Along at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY for a limited engagement. Gray plays Franklin Shephard, a former Broadway music composer, who abandons his career as a songwriter to become a Hollywood film producer.

Content and image courtesy of Shae C. Lea of Luck Media.

[audio:Call Me Crazy.mp3|titles=Call Me Crazy|artists=Joshua Gray]
“Call Me Crazy” by Joshua Gray

“Sunscreen” by Incan Abraham”

Incan Abraham is currently making plans to record their third short-form album this June at the Sound Factory in Hollywood, CA. The new EP will be comprised of five completely original songs. This past March, the songs were played live in Austin, Texas at SXSW. Time Magazine was in the audience and named Incan Abraham one of their “Ten Acts that Rocked SXSW“.

Teddy, Spencer, Andrew and Giuliano are seeking additional funds to go towards the primary costs of recording. To help them reach thier goal in the next 12 days visit their kickstarter page.

Incan Abraham has also announced the release of their new music video. “Sunscreen” is the title track to their latest release from January 2011. It is available to everyone for free on bandcamp.